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In 1981 Ted Kline purchased a tract of land at the end of Catawba River road in Old Fort. This land had been used as a campground and it was called Catawba Falls Family Campground since the 70's. Through the years Richard Acrivos, Ted's son in law came by during vacations while he was on active duty in the US Army.  In 1991 Richard and Debbie became partners with Ted and Peggy and in 1998 we decided to purchase Catawba Falls Campground so Ted and Peggy could finally travel. Since 1998 Richard and Debbie have been active members of the Old Fort Chamber of Commerce, McDowell Chamber of Commerce, Ruritan Club, VFW and volunteers at Davidson's Fort. Richard is a retired Army First Sergeant. We have over 25 years of repeat customers and now the children of our customers.

When you think about camping, does your mind automatically think of a tent and a fire? Or is it more of an RV in a campground? Do you have arguments of whether or not your way of “sleeping outside” is actually camping? Well, opinions of all kinds obviously exist, but it’s true: camping exists in many forms. So whether you’re a newbie to camping and you don’t know where to start, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for inspiration, here are some kinds of camping to get you started on your next getaway. To backcountry camp, you generally have to go somewhere inaccessible from roads. It can be a mile away from the trailhead or somewhere in the middle of a mountain range during a weeklong trek. The point is you’re away from civilization. You pack in what you can carry, are never without a Swiss Army Knife, and (hopefully) pack out all of your waste and leave everything looking as good (or better) than when you came.

With car camping you don’t have any pack size restrictions so you can splurge a little on what you bring with you. It can also be nice if you are prone to forgetfulness and will very likely need to make a stop or two in a nearby town for supplies and extra marshmallows. Not the greatest if you have a mini-cooper, trucks are nice where you can put a mattress down to sleep.

Campgrounds are organized areas that rent out spaces nightly or weekly. Often times, this can be a great alternative to a hotel because you (hopefully) know that you don’t have bed bugs. Also, a lot of campgrounds offer sweet amenities like swimming pools and more. Here you can camp in RV’s which contain all your living supplies, and then travel out from the campground to visit the sites in the area. In most campgrounds you are safer than dry camping in some remote area or Wal-Mart parking lot.

Cliff Camping:  Can you imagine climbing to a ridiculous height on a vertical rock wall to catch some z’s?  Well for some, this is the norm.  This hardcore camping can be pretty dangerous, so we’ll leave that one to the pros.

Hammock Camping:  If you have your heart set on camping off the ground, but aren’t quite ready for cliff camping, this is for you. There are incredible technologies available to hang your hat up in the wilderness, and it actually can prove to squish down to a very light, compact camping kit.

Glamping, alright, so this one has a funny name, but think of it this way: glamorous camping. One might ask, “Can it really be called camping if you hang up expensive artwork in your tent or cabin to increase the ambiance and you use air fresheners to get rid of that pesky natural pine tree smell?”  This camping can be done in Nature, with wild animals outside your door but you stay comfy within the confines of your rented abode, with all the luxuries of life at your fingertips.

Cowboy Camping, do you think that cowboys in the old Wild West took time outta their busy day of cattle prodding, bad guy shooting, and lady courting to pitch a tent? Heck no! And the traditions still continue today for some campers. Cowboy camping is when you sleep on the bare ground with no tent.



Our History


October 29, 1982

Ted Kline finds campground.

December 15, 1982

Ted Kline buys campground from Frances McElrath a single woman.

September 10, 1990

Acrivos family purchases 1/2 interest in Campground

May 4, 1998

Acrivos family purchases full interest in Catawba Falls Campground

September 9 2004

Floods ravage our area, tent area destroyed.

June 5 2005

Disaster Loan enables us to start rebuilding.

June 5 2013

Expansion to 7 cabins including two Gypsy Cabins complete.

Oct 15 2015

House fire destroys our home.

April 1 2016

We are back in our home, ready for the season.





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