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Catawba Falls Campground

Peace and Quiet

Gypsy Cabins

Stay in one of our unique gypsy cabins. A unique alternative to camping, not unlike mini wooden lodges and Hobbit houses. Our Gypsy Cabins, sleeping up to 4 people each are the ideal glamping solution, offering a drier and more secure substitute to tents and revolutionizing camping forever.

Ideal for all campers, where space and weight is often a consideration, the gypsy cabins offer enough space to sleep four comfortably on built-in beds. Additional storage space and lockable, secure doors, allows longer stays and the freedom to explore the area without the worry and inconvenience of carrying heavy items or leaving them behind in a tent.

Camping for the 21st century; the gypsy cabins provide warmth, insulation and a dry environment – the addition of a window keeps moisture levels to a minimum and provides the additional benefit of light.

Providing comfort, ease and available to rent at a relatively low cost it is doubtful that, even the most avid of campers shall return to life under canvas after this relatively luxurious experience. Prices start from $57.00 per night for four sharing. Bedding is available for additional fee if required. We are a dog friendly park. Contact us today to book! These cabins are walk in only; you cannot drive a car to them.

The experience and joy of the outdoors remains uncompromised and the fun element for children makes the Gypsy Cabins a popular and convenient alternative for families. Sited, quite literally, along the banks of the Catawba River, our Gypsy Cabins provide everything you could wish for from an outdoor experience.

Glamping (glamorous camping)

With festivals through the summer and hiking and biking becoming more popular, more young people than ever are buying tents and getting interested in going camping. However, the rugged outdoors isn’t too appealing and more people than ever are trying to combine their home creature comforts with the cheap-and-cheerful vibe of sleeping in a tent. Upscale camping, glamorous camping or 'glamping' is very popular and there are sites to accommodate visitors across the mountains of North Carolina.

Between mountain festivals, civil war re-enactments, revolutionary war re-enactments and just plain fun festivals, glamping in North Carolina is more popular than ever. Our campground offers tent sites, RV sites, cabin rentals and now the ultimate in camping gypsy Camping. Our gypsy cabins are small and situated in the woods so you have privacy, comfort and you can still plug in your computer. They have a double bed and a trundle bed under it for the kids or friends. It’s cozy and one of a kind. We are the only campground in the US advertising gypsy Cabins.