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We are currently filling our pond. Our Camping Cabin is no longer available.








We have a salon on site, treat yourself!.



PET NEWS: We regret that we have put restrictions on Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. They are no longer welcomed at the campground.


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Romeo Campground Mascot

Romeo (on the left) inspects all who come and makes them feel welcomed.


Rick and Romeo



We really enjoyed camping at your campground this past weekend.  It was a peaceful, beautiful, quiet, friendly place to be.  It was great being right by the river.  Andrew enjoyed doing some fly fishing!  It was so great to find a place within 60 miles of home but feels like we really got away.  We look forward to returning next year.  Looking forward to doing more hiking in the area. Mary and Andrew Robitschek

"I stayed with you all for the first time a few months ago with my two daughters.  We had a blast!  You have such a nice park and I can't wait to visit again next weekend! I also can't wait to see how the renovations are going on the bath house. I will be staying with a buddy of mine this go round.  No little girls to have to walk to the bath house at two in the morning!

Also, Richard was very gracious to honor my military service with the US Air Force by giving me a 10% discount.  I truly appreciated that and hope that he will extend that offer again.   I look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you, Jimmy Hayes"


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